He’s a music major who plays guitar.

"What kind of music do you play?"

"Death metal and classical. And nothing in between."

If anyone knows or is this person, I’d like to have lunch and talk about playing guitar together. 

BANTER - 9pm w/ Laurynn Grimes and Cindy Finefrock

8pm - Laurynn Grimes

9pm - Andrew Jones

10pm - Cindy Finefrock

Oh to hell with it.

Here’s the last track off my recently released EP, “Professional Bon Vivant.”

Let’s get nuts.

Here’s another one!

Alright, here’s a track from my EP.

You can hear my version of David Liebe Hart’s “Tim Heidecker Lied to Me” along with track-by-track commentary from David himself right now!

A lot of great musicians on this comp, listen to this stuff!

Hi Tumblrs, 

It’s time to put your clicking and attention where your mouth is. 

There are a lot of artists and art enthusiasts on here. And there are a buttload of people who either play or just freaking love music on here. THIS POST APPLIES TO YOU. 

I recently released an EP titled, “Professional Bon Vivant.

I’ve been working on an LP for two years and have finally reached a hurdle that will take some time to overcome. I have no money to mix or master everything that I’ve finished tracking. For two years. Frustrating. 

Despite that, I’m sharing songs I’ve written and recorded at home in the interim, and you can pay whatever you want for them, including nothing at all. 

And I know a lot of you out there like underground music and all that, so consider that even YOU haven’t heard of me, so you’ll get tons of cred for listening to and talking about “Professional Bon Vivant” because I’m as underground as it gets, baby.

Thanks. Here are the links. 


Stream/Preview/Extras (including track-by-track commentary and a rearranged cover of David Liebe Hart’s “Tim Heidecker Lied to Me”)

There’s fun stuff here:
And free music here:

There’s fun stuff here:

And free music here:


How to ruin a good Weezer song (contains no Smash Mouth)